Kidney Donor Needed.

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Dear Friends and Family,
I’ll be direct and to the point. I have chronic kidney disease, stage 5, and I am on a temporary fix called dialysis, and I need a kidney donated. My blood type is O-. Every day I must monitor my BP and weight, checking for fluid and waste accumulation, and determine the right solutions to use for the cycler I use at night. To use it I must be attached to the machine by a 20
ft hose that enters my abdominal area. I have a blood test every month and I see a nephrologist monthly to monitor the many things our bodies do.
I served our country in the US Marines. I am married and have 4 kids. I work at Swift Transportation and have for over 25 years, and I am now the operations manager in Oregon. My wife and kids are all doing great. We have spent years going out and camping and enjoying the outdoors, being together, as well as going to church activities and home schooling. The kids and I volunteered for several things, Saturday work parties, to help communities, and Sharehouse in Vancouver, a homeless assistance house, and I volunteered at the Va in Vancouver Wa. Dialysis is a lot of work. I must monitor my body and watch what I eat. Traveling is harder. There is a
lot of gear and boxes to pack. Air flight is logistically very hard. But we manage to go camping with a camper and have fun hiking and looking for fossils. I didn’t get to tent camp with the kids like I wanted to. I wanted to go on longer than a day hike and camp in the woods but didn’t get the chance.
Although dialysis is a lot of work, this is a temporary fix and won’t sustain me long-term. I work closely with my doctors to monitor my health, and they say I am doing a good job but, they and I both know it won’t sustain me a normal life span. I am having to spend more time on the cycler machine, and I know my health is not good. I am losing muscle and strength. I also get tired quicker and I have less energy. But I trust in Jesus, I am a fighter, and I stay positive. I have a great wife who is there for me. I have not
shared this disease issue with many people until now. So why am I sharing this now? I would like to be here for my wife, kids, and eventually grand kids. I want to continue to work as hard as I do with energy, continue to volunteer. And we want to retire together and travel. The only solution I have left is either stay on the dialysis or get a kidney transplant. I am on the waiting list for deceased donors’ kidney, but it’s been almost 3.5 years now, and who knows when that will happen. Also, a living donor is the best outcome. The kidney lasts longer and is usually healthier coming
from a living donor than a deceased person, or dialysis. It takes an exceptional person to donates one of their own kidneys, but 6,000 people a year do it, and maybe if you share this with everyone you know it might reach the right person. Maybe it’s you? For more info on living kidney donations benefits and risks. Insurance covers the cost of testing and procedures for donating an organ.

God bless, Jim West.

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